Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FIVEBLUE IS BACK! An Evening with Super Sentai Star Kei Shindachiya!

Actor Kei Shindachiya is large and in charge! Photo by Brett Homenick. 

Tonight, I spent a pleasant evening in the bar owned by Chikyu Sentai Fiveman (1990-91) actor Kei Shindachiya, who played FiveBlue. As I blogged before, Shindachiya-san also made guest appearances on Choriki Sentai Ohranger (1995-96) and Ultraman Gaia (1998-99).

We spent most of our time talking about California. Shindachiya-san had many funny stories to tell about his various trips to my home state. I enjoyed a plate of curry as he shared his memories. Thanks again, Shindachiya-san!

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