Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy birthday, Don Frye!

The match of the century? Your humble blogmeister squares off against the UFC legend Don Frye at G-FEST 2008. Photo by Jeff Horne.

November 23 marks the 45th birthday of the legendary mixed martial artist Don Frye. Although he is best known for his battles in the UFC Octagon, Don Frye has since branched out into acting, performing in several films to date. His most memorable role thus far would have to be that of Captain Douglas Gordon in Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). In GFW, he virtually steals the show, sometimes outshining Godzilla himself!

The role was so popular among G-fans that Don Frye was invited to attend G-FEST in 2008 as a celebrity guest, alongside the original Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima. Mr. Frye tirelessly signed autographs and posed for pictures all weekend, proving himself to be a friendly and highly entertaining special guest.

Haruo Nakajima and Don Frye meet for the first time, G-FEST 2008.

Here's wishing you a happy 45th, Don! Knowing you, I'm sure you're going to celebrate it in style!