Sunday, July 19, 2015

ON HOLY GROUND! The Ibuki House from Godzilla vs. Megalon Today!

The House That Goro Built still stands in Tokyo to this day. Photo by Brett Homenick.

One of the most interesting and memorable filming locations in the entire Godzilla series was the house used for inventor Goro Ibuki (played by Katsuhiko Sasaki) and his much younger brother (played by Hiroyuki Kawase). I've been asked about it in the past, but with no information available at the time, it seemed just about impossible to find it (if it even still existed).

Well, I'm pleased to say that it does exist to this day. As a matter of fact, it looks largely the same as it did in the movie (just without all the paintings). The biggest change I noticed is that the house now sits in the middle of a bunch of other houses in a residential area. In the film, the house appeared to be rather isolated, out in the middle of a field.

The stairs that Hiroshi Jinkawa (Yutaka Hayashi) ran down, as they appear today. Photo by Brett Homenick.

The house is still used as somebody's private residence, and as such I was politely asked not to divulge any info regarding its specific location. That's fair enough; I certainly wouldn't want to trouble the owners by directing a bunch of crazy fans their way.

Of all the locations I've visited in Japan, I would have to rank this one as my favorite. I honestly thought I'd never get to see it in person for myself. I've never been happier to be wrong!


  1. I always wondered if that was a set or a real house. Now I know. Good find!

  2. Wow, amazing. I wonder who found it and decided it was a good fit for GODZILLA VS. MEGALON. I'm not religious, but to cover those early 1970s paintings is blasphemous! I think that's more disheartening than when the Taliban destroyed those ancient Buddha statues!

  3. HOW on earth did you FIND THIS?? Did you ask some locals or did you do a ton of research? THIS blog is a prime example of why I love the internet!!

  4. Hey, any chance you can share the location of this place? I'm going to Japan in a few weeks and would LOVE to see this place .