Sunday, February 14, 2016

UNPACKING HARUNA FUJI! Getting to Know Actress Keiko Sawai!

Posing with Toho actress Keiko Sawai in Yokohama.

In Monster Zero (1965), Astronaut Glenn (Nick Adams) quips that his partner, Fuji (Akira Takarada), should have left his sister packed in ice before leaving for Planet X. On February 14, a few lucky fans had an opportunity to unpack Haruna Fuji and get to know actress Keiko Sawai.

Keiko Sawai poses for pictures. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Aside from Monster Zero, tokusatsu fans will remember her as the doomed girl in the hospital whom Nick Adams comforts at the beginning of Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965) and her appearance in episode 8 of Ultra Q (1966). She also had a turn in the quirky comedy Konto 55: Space Adventure (1969), which was also a tokusatsu film in its own right.

Despite being initially shy, it certainly seemed that Sawai-san got into the spirit of the event and began to enjoy herself immensely. She went out of her way to be friendly to me, which I appreciate. Sometimes actresses can be aloof (and understandably so), but that was not the case with Sawai-san.

I had a blast meeting Keiko Sawai. Hopefully I'll get another chance down the line. All of us in attendance are lucky to have "unpacked" Haruna Fuji and met the real Sawai-san!

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