Wednesday, February 17, 2016

TERRY FARNSWORTH INTERVIEW! The Ultra Seven Actor Speaks for the First Time!

Terry Farnsworth, Shoji Nakayama, Linda Hardisty, and Yoshio Tsuchiya watch Ultra Seven duke it out with King Joe. Photo courtesy of Terry Farnsworth. Ultra Seven © 1967-68, Tsuburaya Productions.

In episodes 14 and 15 of Ultra Seven (1967-68), Terry Farnsworth guest-stars as Melvin Webb, a mysterious Secret Service agent. Mr. Farnsworth's appearance on the show is remembered fondly by Ultra Seven fans in Japan, but very little information was available about him or his acting career. Until now.

Once again, Vantage Point Interviews has the scoop with many never-before-seen photos from the set of Ultra Seven and The Green Slime (1968). You won't find this stuff anywhere else, so stop by Vantage Point Interviews and read all about it!

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