Monday, March 30, 2015

HANAMI IN KAMAKURA! Viewing the Cherry Blossoms with Shigeo Kato!

Retired actor Shigeo Kato poses with sakura in Kamakura. Photo by Brett Homenick. 

Today I had the distinct privilege of doing some hanami (flower viewing) with retired actor Shigeo Kato in Kamakura. Since yesterday was my birthday, Kato-san presented me with a few gifts, which were mostly Japanese treats, but an intriguing photo was among presents. More on that in the next blog post.

Kato-san and I walked quite a distance around Kamakura, and while the cherry blossoms were not quite in full bloom, there was a lot to take in. The cherry blossoms that had come out were quite beautiful, and it was my first time to see them in Kamakura. Despite turning 90 this year, Kato-san showed no signs of tiring, and seemed to hold up better than I did during our walk!

When we finished walking around, Kato-san and I went to a Cafe Renoir near Kamakura Station, and we talked all things Toho. We bounced around names of actors and directors, and Kato-san reminisced about them. It's something we've done a few times before, but every time I learn something new.

After that, we said our goodbyes, and I returned to Tokyo. However, I'm already looking forward to our next visit.

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