Monday, March 23, 2015

NEW INTERVIEW SITE! Vantage Point Interviews Goes to the Moon!

Heinz Bodmer (on the far left) and Andrew Hughes (fourth from the left) rub shoulders with Shintoho star Toshio Hosokawa (second from the left) on the set of Teiso no Arashi (1959). Photo © Heinz Bodmer.

I have just launched a brand-new interview site called Vantage Point Interviews, which from now on will be the home for all my interviews. The first interview on the site is one of which I am particularly proud.

Heinz Bodmer, who was an extra in Toho's Battle in Outer Space (1959) and many other Japanese films, shares his memories and photographs from that era. These photos have never been published before anywhere in the United States or Japan, given that the pictures were all shot with Mr. Bodmer's own camera!

Fans of Showa-era Toho films will be sure to enjoy it. To read the interview, please follow this link.

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