Saturday, August 6, 2011

G-TOUR kicks off in Tokyo

Overwhelmed with the success of G-TOUR II, a happy J.D. Lees poses with yours truly on August 4, as the day's festivities are about to get under way!

Proving the naysayers (er, okay, the naysayer) wrong, G-TOUR II kicked off on August 4 at the Takanawa Tobu Hotel in Tokyo, right outside Shinagawa Station. Spirits were exceptionally high, as the day's itinerary would make kaiju history!

Skip Peel addresses the gathered G-TOURists, getting each one to introduce him- or herself to the group.

The day began with the G-TOUR members introducing themselves to entire group, an important detail overlooked during the first G-TOUR. Thankfully, the mistakes of the first tour were corrected, paving the way for much smoother sailing this trip.

G-TOURists gather around the lobby.

Get on the bus! The tour heads to Tokyo Tower!

The G-FAN Writers Guild? A shot across the bow? Skip Peel, J.D. Lees, Brett, and Martin Arlt, in a photo updated (and improved!) from 2004.

Congratulations to J.D. Lees and Yoshi Mukai for pulling it off!

Below is some footage of the tour bus, as it approaches Tokyo Tower. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates!


  1. A cool post Brett, with some good pics. Boy how I envy you guys! Say, is that "THE" Martin Arlt...publisher extraordinaire of MAD SCIENTIST magazine? He likes Kaiju too (in addition to classic Monsters and Dr. Who)? woa!

  2. Oh, yeah! That's *the* Martin Arlt, he of Mad Scientist magazine. He's a big kaiju fan and attends G-FEST every year. It was great to catch up with him and his wife, Pam. Thanks again, Jay!