Saturday, June 11, 2016

HE'S RIGHT! Hal Foster Returns to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Meeting actor Hal Foster in Tokyo.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to meet Hal Foster, an American actor who worked in Tokyo during the 1980s. Having just returned to Tokyo after many years of living in different countries around the world, Hal hopes to reestablish himself in Tokyo's entertainment world while simultaneously pursuing his journalism career.

Hal appeared briefly in Godzilla 1985 (1984) during the meeting between the Russian and American ambassadors and Prime Minister Mitamura (played by Keiju Kobayashi). Hal plays an American diplomat seated next to U.S. Ambassador Rosenberg ("He's right!"). 

It was great getting to know more about Hal and his impressive career. I'm sure we'll have many more meetings in the future.

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