Monday, November 18, 2013

SHINJUKU'S SUMITOMO BUILDING: An Unsung Godzilla Location!

Holy skyscraper, Batman! Shinjuku is home to many tall buildings, most notably the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (a.k.a. the Tax Towers) and the Sumitomo Building. 

Godzilla movies are recognized and appreciated for many reasons among their fans. Those who live in or travel to Japan get to experience some of the shooting locations up close and personal.

The Sumitomo Building was featured very prominently in Godzilla 1985 (1984). Godzilla collapses against the side of the skyscraper after his initial battle with the Super X, but after the Super X is destroyed by the Big G, he topples the building onto the wreckage.

It's amazing to me that such an iconic location in the Godzilla series routinely gets ignored in favor of other, less relevant places. Perhaps that reveals a lack of research on the part of certain writers. Whatever the case, when in Tokyo, this is one location that should not be missed.

The great thing about the Sumitomo Building is that it seemed to hold up just fine after I bumped into it. They must have made lots of improvements since Godzilla was on the scene!

Here's my attempt at photographing myself in front of the Sumitomo Building, but I was way too close. Next time I have the chance, I'm standing much farther away to get the whole building in the shot!

Virtually next door, of course, is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, featured very prominently during the climactic battle of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991).

Shinjuku has a lot to offer its visitors, whether they're Godzilla fans or not. But if you're into the Toho Titan and wish to see the real-life locations used in the films, these two skyscrapers should not be missed!

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