Monday, November 18, 2013

YOU CAN'T HANDLE 'THE TRUTH'! Getting a Rare Glimpse at a Rarely Seen Treasure!

Director Shinpei Hayashiya and yours truly with Hayashiya-san's one-of-a-kind Gamera 4: The Truth box art. 

During my most recent trip to Tokyo, I was very fortunate to be invited to a private screening of one of the most sought-after kaiju fan films of all time, Gamera 4: The Truth. Director Shinpei Hayashiya invited my friend Yasushi and me into his home for the screening.

Hayashiya-san and his producer-wife Atsuko were incredibly gracious hosts. I can't thank them enough for their hospitality.

Regarding the film itself, it's a very good mix of CGI and practical effects. I was under the impression that the film would be almost all computer graphics, so it was a pleasant surprise to see detailed miniatures and puppet effects. Even though the drama scenes have a shot-on-video quality, the movie was well paced that after a while I didn't even notice it anymore. Overall, it was a remarkable effort, especially considering it was a fan film!

After making this (as well as Godzilla vs. Deathgilas, another fan film), Hayashiya-san went on to direct Reigo the Deep-Sea Monster vs. the Battleship Yamato and Raiga the Monster from the Deep Sea. I, for one, eagerly await Hayashiya-san's next effort!

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