Saturday, July 29, 2017

SCARY TOKYO STORIES! Attending a Dramatic Reading of Spooky Tales!

Actor Masanori Machida. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Today, I attended an event featuring various actors giving spooky dramatic readings, featuring spooky sound effects, music, lighting, and the whole nine yards. Obon is fast approaching, so these types of scary stories are quite appropriate for this time of year in Japan.

One of the actors reading stories was Masanori Machida, who played the boy Saki in Gappa the Triphibian Monster (1967). I brought my DVD sleeve signed by Gappa star Tamio Kawachi for Machida-san to sign, as well.

It had been several months since last seeing Machida-san; in fact. I don't think I'd seen him all year. I hope to have a chance to see him again soon.

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