Sunday, May 28, 2017

MORE PICS! Rodan Takes to the Skies!

Sadao Iizuka and Toshio Miike discuss Toho special effects.

Toshio Miike points out SFX staff members from a group photo on the set of Rodan (1956).

Sadao Iizuka recalls the SFX of the final scene of Rodan.

Sadao Iizuka listens to a question.

Iizuka-san draws his version of Godzilla for a lucky fan.

Sadao Iizuka draws Godzilla.

In between Toshio Miike and Sadao Iizuka.

Toshio Miike shows off his piece of birthday cake.

With Toshio Miike.

With Sadao Iizuka.

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