Sunday, May 7, 2017

GREAT COMPANY IN TOKYO! A Day with One of Japan's Coolest Guys!

 Actor Ulf Otsuki. Photo by Brett Homenick.

As I occasionally do, I visited Ulf Otsuki's home again, and we watched another Hollywood classic. After searching through a few of Ulf's DVD titles, we settled on the Peter Lorre crime drama Crime and Punishment (1935). It was my first time to see the film, and it was rather intriguing.

Following the film, we walked to our usual Indian restaurant and talked about a variety of subjects. Ulf told me many fascinating stories about his life growing up in Japan, most of which I'd never heard before. Ulf grew up in Japan during World War II, and (as one would expect) he experienced many hardships during that time.

And so another great day comes to a close. Many thanks, as always, to Ulf for his kindness. He's definitely one in a million!

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