Saturday, February 4, 2017

AN EVENING WITH MASAKO IZUMI! The Nikkatsu Starlet Is Back!

Actress Masako Izumi. Photo by Brett Homenick. 

I just returned from a great evening with Nikkatsu starlet Masako Izumi, who starred in numerous Nikkatsu films during the 1960s. Most of her filmography is unknown in the West, but she has appeared in such films as Each Day I Cry (1963) and Seijun Suzuki's Tattooed Life (1965).

Posing with Masako Izumi under some of her movie posters. 

This was my third evening with Izumi-san, and she was as warm and funny as ever. She's unlike many other actresses, who can be a bit fussy (to say the least). Izumi-san is anything but. If only all movie stars could be like her!

She practiced her English with me, and she did quite well. At the end of the night, we rode the train together with our group until we had to go our separate ways. Many thanks to Izumi-san for making my day!

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