Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GET YOUR KICKS AT SUPER FESTIVAL 66! The Long-Running Tokusatsu Convention Has Toys and Models Galore!

Model maker extraordinare Hiroshi Sagae does some promotional work at Super Festival 66 in Tokyo. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Super Festival 66 took place in its usual location in Tokyo's Science Museum near Kudanshita Station. As usual, there were toys and models aplenty, and while there were a few special guests on hand (including Kikaider actor Daisuke Ban), tickets for autograph signings typically sell out quickly at this event, so I decided just to do a bit of window-shopping this time.

That said, I did run into G-FEST XXI guest Hiroshi Sagae, and we took some photos and exchanged greetings. It's always a treat to see Sagae-san at these events. He's been a ubiquitous presence in recent months!

Models and toys were just as ubiquitous, and while I have not been a toy or model collector since my teenage years, it can be interesting to see what's new (or, in some cases, old). I couldn't tell you the first thing about who made these models or when, but hey, they're cool to look at!

Admittedly, a show like Super Festival offers me very little. I'm more into meeting celebrity guests and hanging out with my friends, and the culture of buying overpriced toys or models is not my bag. (Your mileage may vary, of course.) Some of these items can be fun to photograph, but only occasionally. After all, if I don't collect the models themselves, why would I want to collect a bunch of pictures of them?!

Overall, it was fun to stop in at Super Festival for a moment, but the more I attend, the more I realize the show is just not for me. Much like Wonder Festival, it caters to a different crowd with a different hobby. It can be fun to step inside that world every now and again, but I think there's a reason I spend less and less time at Super Festival every time I go.

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