Monday, April 12, 2010

Six Cult Films from the Sixties now available!

Following Monsterpalooza, I visited Ib Melchior's house to pick up a copy of his new book, Six Cult Films from the Sixties. This memoir chronicles Mr. Melchior's experiences making his celebrated science fiction films: The Angry Red Planet, Reptilicus, Journey to the Seventh Planet, The Time Travelers, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, and Planet of the Vampires.

A review will be appearing in the next issue of G-FAN. But why wait? Order a copy yourself and learn what really went on behind the scenes!

Holding a mask from Ib Melchior's The Time Travelers. You'll never guess what happened next...

Oh, no, he didn't!!! Yes, I got to put the mask on, but it was so tight that it was nearly impossible to breathe.

To order your copy of Six Cult Films from the Sixties, click here.

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