Sunday, June 11, 2017

FUMIO ISHIMORI IS BACK! The Longtime Screenwriter Returns to Asakusa with a New Play!

Screenwriter Fumio Ishimori. Photo by Brett Homenick. 

Today, I went to Asakusa to see the latest play written by screenwriter Fumio Ishimori (a.k.a. Shiro Ishimori). Ishimori-san, as noted several times on this blog, has written many movies for Shochiku and Nikkatsu. One of his most significant credits is his screenplay for Toshio Masuda's Monument to the Girls' Corps (1968). He also co-wrote the Toho horror film Crest of the Wolf (1973) with Jun Fukuda, as well as writing episodes of Kamen Rider (1971-73), Ultraman Ace (1972-73), and Zone Fighter (1973).

The play itself was a comedy, and it had the audience in stitches. One amusing incident occurred when the backdrop suddenly fell apart, causing the actors to improvise while the crew put everything back together again. Everything was back on track within a few minutes. All in all, it was an enjoyable show, and it's always a treat to see Ishimori-san.

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