Sunday, March 27, 2016

LUNCH WITH A LEGEND! Sharing Chinese Food with a Great Toho Actor!

With actor Yosuke Natsuki, following our lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Setagaya, Tokyo. 

Today I had the privilege of having lunch with Toho star Yosuke Natsuki near my home. We went to a nearby Chinese restaurant (my first time there) and shared a great meal. During the lunch, he gave me a copy of a magazine about vintage cars that features an interview with him.

After lunch, I gave Natsuki-san a copy of the new DVD release of the Toho war movie Outpost of Hell (1963), a sequel to the celebrated Desperado Outpost (1959). Natsuki-san didn't have a copy and was unaware it had even been released on DVD.

Many thanks to Natsuki-san for a wonderful afternoon!

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