Wednesday, April 22, 2015

JAPAN MUMMY MYSTERY! The American Star of a Japanese Mummy Series IDed!

Flipping through a book on obscure Japanese hero programs that I bought today, I found a show called Kyofu no Miira (1961), which was a short-lived horror drama about a mummy.

What really caught my eye, though, was that the mummy was played by an American! His name (which was rendered in katakana) is Bob Strickland, and once I realized that I could actually speak to Kharis' Japanese counterpart directly, I made a mad dash to try to find him.

It turns out he owned a rather famous steakhouse in Kyoto with his Japanese wife, and once I got the number, I gave the restaurant a call. I spoke with his wife Tokiko who informed me that Bob died last year.

While I was certainly let down by the news, Tokiko was a sweet lady, and I enjoyed speaking with her. But it looks like the mystery of the Japanese mummy will live on forever...

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