Monday, December 10, 2012

CHRISTMAS, TOKYO-STYLE! Fun Holiday Activities in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Merry Christmas from Kadokawa Daiei Studios in Tokyo!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and while Japan doesn't celebrate the holiday the same way the U.S. does, its presence is felt wherever you go. Kadokawa Daiei Studios has even gotten in on the fun, as its two Majin statues are (temporarily, of course) made up to look like Santa Claus and Rudolph (that red nose is a dead giveaway)!

If you've been naughty, beware! You don't want this guy (um, the taller one!) sliding down your chimney this holiday season!

On December 8, a group of us wanted to see the Majin statues' new clothes up close and personal. And, after taking in the sights at Kadokawa Daiei Studios, we headed to Chofu's tourist information center (more info on that can be found here) to show the members of our party (including SFX director Yoshikazu Ishii, G-TOUR 2011 guide Hidesada Shimazaki, and globe-trotting Godzilla fan Michael Field) the cool movie memorabilia to be seen there.

Michael Field clowns around with a Gamera attraction display.

While Shop Majin at Kadokawa Daiei Studios was closed when we visited, the tourist center offered many of the same items (shirts, Majin cookies, etc.) for sale, which gave Michael an opportunity to pick up some cool souvenirs.

SFX director Yoshikazu Ishii is haunted by the specter of Sadako in Chofu, Tokyo!

The evening also saw us visit a couple of Tower Records in Tokyo for (what else?) more shopping. We ended up eating some tasty ramen for dinner, which we then followed up with Subway sandwiches a bit later. Mm, yummy!

Yours truly with Yoshikazu Ishii in Shibuya.

To close the night, our slightly smaller party (Hide-san and Ishii-san called it a night a bit earlier) stopped at Kaiju-ya in Shibuya. Suit actor Toshio Miyake was in the house, and he was a perfect host for us American tokusatsu fans. All in all, a great evening was had by all!

Toshio Miyake holds court in Kaiju-ya, by far the coolest bar in Shibuya!

The next evening, Daiei's 1956 sci-fi classic Warning from Space screened at Yurakucho's Kadokawa Cinema. This screening was part of the current 70th anniversary tribute to Daiei Studios taking place this month. Even though the print was faded and scratchy, it was a rare treat to see this film on the big screen. And some friends showed up!

Gamera crashes the party...

... and he brought Majin with him!

But wait! That's not all ... not by a long shot. More to come soon!


  1. I gotta ask...
    How did they put those pair of red socks on Majin's feet ? ?
    LMAO ! ! :D

  2. How did they do it? Very, very carefully! ;)