Wednesday, June 9, 2010

G-FEST sessions to take place at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

G-FEST keeps getting bigger and bigger!

With a month left before convention festivities kick off, there's an important update G-FEST attendees must know.

Due to unprecedented demand, sessions for this year’s G-FEST have been relocated to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. It is located across the street from the convention hotels (the Rosemont and the Doubletree), and connected to both hotels by an enclosed skywalk. Individual hotel reservations and parking arrangements are not affected by the move.
Because of the freeing up of meeting space at the Rosemont, tickets for the Awards Luncheon (which had sold out) are once again available. If you had wanted to purchase luncheon tickets, please send payment ($22.00 for adult, $15.00 for youth) via PayPal to Please include a message stating for whom the tickets are being purchased.


  1. Swear to god I am gonna cry myself to sleep now over the weekend for not going. I mean, G-FEST is now not going to take place in a hotel. Rather, a convention center. This thing just hit pretty much comic-con league stuff. And I bet LPG is really effecting it.

    Any work Brett about how many people have already signed up for G-FEST this year? I got a good feeling this is going to have the highest attendance count thus far (kind of ludacris, no?).

  2. All I know about pre-registration is that it surpassed last year's a long time ago. And the Rosemont Hotel was completely sold out a long time ago, too. But, at this point, only J.D. would have the exact numbers.

    This is gonna be a blast! You should definitely come check it out in the near future.

  3. Wow! That's amazing news. It's great to see G-fandom growing and growing. This will be my second G-Fest, first was in 2008, and I'm really looking forward to it!

  4. Y'know, not that I'm bugging out on Monsterpalooza for 2011 or anything...but, Chicago is SOOO much closer to K.C., that next year I think ol' rogue evolent is coming to the Windy City for G-Fest 2011.

  5. That's great, Allen! I hope you have fun!

    Jay, that sounds like a plan to me! I'd love to see you at G-FEST (not to mention Monsterpalooza!).

  6. Geez, this is shaping up to be a really great con. Glad I could go this year. The fact we're spilling over into the convention center is a fairly exciting thing.