Saturday, January 2, 2010

G-FAN #90

Chris Scalf's striking cover for G-FAN #90.

G-FAN #90 has shipped, and (as its subscribers always know) is packed with information, enough to make you howl at the sun!

The year 2010 marks the 35th anniversary of Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975), and G-FAN celebrates the occasion with a massive tribute to the last Godzilla film of the Showa series. This tribute includes:

An interview with star Tomoko Ai (who plays Katsura Mafune in TOMG) by totorom.

A full-length movie commentary by J.D. Lees.

Cast biographies written by August Ragone, Brett Homenick, and J.D. Lees.

Original comments offered by actors Tomoko Ai (separate from her interview), Goro Mutsumi, and Kenji Sahara about their thoughts on the film's 35th anniversary. SFX director Teruyoshi Nakano and screenwriter Yukiko Takayama offer extended commentary on their memories of the film, all courtesy of totorom.

Apart from the section on Terror of Mechagodzilla, the issue also features:

Daisuke Ishizuka's report on Gundam's unusual involvement at Kamiigusa Station.

Abel Alfonso's article on the new Ultraman movie, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends.

A world-exclusive look at Koichi Kawakita's new Godzilla project for a series of video games. These photos appear nowhere else in the world ... except G-FAN. Thanks to Daisuke Ishizuka and Mr. Koichi Kawakita for such a wonderful exclusive!

Daisuke Ishizuka follows that up with a report on what the Godzilla suit from Godzilla: Final Wars is up to these days.

Kenji Sahara is interviewed by Brett Homenick about his appearances in the first and last Godzilla movies and everything in between.

Brett Homenick reports on The Green Slime's 40th anniversary reunion in L.A. this past November, featuring Robert Horton and Luciana Paluzzi.

Brett Homenick (busy guy!) interviews Joan van Ark, the star of the ever-popular The Last Dinosaur. The interview includes three photos from Ms. van Ark's personal collection, one of which was signed by Richard Boone himself!

J.D. Lees, Matt Frank, Frank Parr, and Tyler Sowles present Gfantis: Heart of the Beast, Part 3.

Toy dealer extraordinaire James Bond writes "The Rise of Godzilla Bandai." The article is followed by a comprehensive Bandai history and toy listing.

Brett Homenick interviews John Fasano, director of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and (wouldn't you know) a G-FAN reader. The article features many exclusive photos from the set of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Steve Agin returns and offers the latest news on all the toys coming from Japan.

All this and more! (That's right; I said 'more'!) To order, go to While you're there, buy two copies! Get 'em while they last!


  1. Prety cool. Especialy the cover, that is awesome. Thanks for the update Brett.

  2. It's a great issue, which of course is nothing new. ;)

  3. I was extremely ill with the flu (presumably "swine") when I did that cover. I was worried everyone would think it sucked...

  4. On the contrary, it's excellent! Congratulations on yet another wonderful G-FAN cover!

  5. I've finally had the chance over the last couple of days to read this issue. An excellent issue as usual. I would say that the film-book style coverage of "Terror of MechaGodzilla" has the best entertainment qualities of "Famous Monsters" married with the best "behind the scenes" reporting there is. J.D.,Brett, Totorom, August and everyone else, thank you for another great issue of G-FAN. Oh by the way, Chris, I agree with Brett. Your cover art is another masterpiece in your outstanding body of incredible Kaiju artwork.
    Kevin H.

  6. Thank you very much, Kevin. The TOMG coverage turned out to be extremely special, and it was made possible by the contributions of many people, especially totorom. It originally started as totorom's interview with Tomoko Ai, but it evolved over the course of the following several weeks and turned into the massive tribute that was published. What can I say? I'm thrilled to have been part of it.