Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Green Slime 40th anniversary pictures

Brett with Nika Solomon and Luciana Paluzzi at her autograph table.

I'm writing a report on the event for G-FAN, but for right now, here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy!

Brett meets Robert Horton for the first time.

Robert Horton with his wife Marilynn at his autograph table.

Convention organizer Bruce Schwartz interviews Mr. Horton and Ms. Paluzzi. Bruce used my interview with Robert Horton in G-FAN #86 to help formulate questions.

With Nick Adams' daughter Allyson after wrapping up an interview with her about her father.


  1. Hey Brett, I really dig your blog. It looks like you had a blast doing all of those interviews. Keep up the good work!!!!


  2. Thanks, Roy! I don't update the blog as much as I want, but I hope you'll keep stopping by. That said, I gotta add your blog to my list.