Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ultraman 80's Jin Nakayama Passes Away at 77

Jin Nakayama as Captain Kazuki Oyama in Ultraman 80. 

Actor Jin Nakayama passed away on October 12 of lung cancer at his Tokyo residence. Despite having passed away nearly a month ago, news of his passing was announced by his agency on November 11. He was 77.

Born on September 25, 1942, Nakayama began his professional acting career in 1965 and appeared in films for a variety of Japanese studios, including Toho and Shochiku. He made his biggest impact on television, from which Ultraman fans worldwide still remember him as UGM Captain Kazuki Oyama in Tsuburaya Productions' Ultraman 80 (1980-81). He also appeared in Akio Jissoji's Ultra Q: The Movie (1990) as Dr. Ichinotani. He remained active as a performer until the time of his passing.

Please join me in saluting a true monster fighter.

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