Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CELEBRATING SHIGEO KATO'S NEW BOOK! Memories of Showa-Era Kamakura!

The cover of Shigeo Kato's new book. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Yesterday, I received a surprise in the mail. The great Shigeo Kato sent me a copy of his brand-new book, Shige-san: The Early Days of Hase, Kamakura. Kato-san, who turned 92 years old last month, shares his memories of growing up in Hase, Kamakura, in the form of a children's picture book.

The book seems to be only locally available in Kamakura, and it doesn't appear to be listed on (It doesn't even have a bar code on the back.) But it's a wonderful record of a bygone era through the eyes of a man who witnessed it all.

A great history of a city as told by an even greater man. Thank you very much for the present, Kato-san!

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