Saturday, November 15, 2014

DINNER WITH A DESIGNER! Akihiko Iguchi and I Break Bread in Kawasaki!

Kaiju designer Akihiko Iguchi poses with an autograph for a lucky fan (other than myself, of course). Photo by Brett Homenick. 

Tonight I had a pleasant dinner with kaiju/mecha designer Akihiko Iguchi in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. I hadn't seen Iguchi-san in a few months, so this meeting was long overdue.

Although Iguchi-san speaks a little English, and my Japanese is terrible, we were able to communicate and share a lot of laughs. He showed me many illustrations he has made over the years, as well as photos from some of the trips he has made around the world. I was quite impressed by everything I was shown.

When it was all finished, I paid for dinner. It's always a treat to see Iguchi-san, and I hope the near future will hold many more visits. It's hard to believe our last meeting was way back in February before I'd even moved to Tokyo!

That's all, folks! See you next time!

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