Friday, September 12, 2014

LINDA MILLER SPEAKS ... AGAIN! The King Kong Escapes Starlet Makes the Local News!

Actress Linda Miller pals around with her co-stars on the set of King Kong Escapes (1967). Photo courtesy of Linda Miller.

The recent interview with King Kong Escapes star Linda Miller in G-FAN #106 has drawn a lot of attention from Godzilla fandom, but it has also drawn the attention of local media! Laura McFarland has a lengthy article in Powhatan Today that not only details Linda Miller's time in Japan but also chronicles how the G-FAN interview was able to take place. Both Linda and I are quoted in the article, and (if I may say so myself), the story is a great companion piece to our interview.

You can read the story here. Many thanks to Laura McFarland for an excellent job and (of course) to Linda Miller for sharing her story with us!

UPDATE: The article was just picked up by the Richmond Times-Dispatch!

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