Sunday, September 21, 2014

DORO OFF EXHIBITION IV! Tokyo's Growing Model Show Offers Plenty to Sci-Fi Fans!

Dorobou Hige, organizer of Doro Off Exhibition IV, stands proudly with a poster advertising his event. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Today I had the privilege of attending Doro Off Exhibition IV, an event organized by Dorobou Hige. With this event, Hige-san brings together some of Tokyo's top model-makers for an exhibition of sci-fi monsters and machines from all over the world, including Godzilla, Star Wars, Gundam, and Space Battleship Yamato.

While Wonder Festival is a much bigger event, Doro Off is growing every year, and I'm told that this year's gathering drew more than 500 attendees! Hige-san certainly has the passion to keep his event growing, and perhaps it could be Japan's answer to G-FEST in a few years. Let's wait and see.

I visited the expo with former actor (and current producer) Sojiro Uchino. I snapped some photos of the kaiju-related models that caught my attention. The photos are below.

To follow Hige-san on Twitter, just click here. I fully recommend Doro Off to any fan who is interested in model-making.

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  1. Dear Brett.
    Thank you Come to DORO OFF EXHIBITION FOUR.
    I love to make the model of SF and the animation.
    And I fit LED with it and build it up more realistically.
    Many people with the same feeling gather from the all over Japan and show a work every year at this time.
    When it is the same feeling, anyone of the world believes that I enjoy a model.
    I look forward to a day to see again.
    Thank you.

    DorobouHige in Japan.