Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kamen Rider: The Diner

Kamen Rider has his own restaurant? What a SHOCKER!

When in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, be sure to visit this fine dining establishment.

Kamen Rider: The Diner
is a theme restaurant that any self-respecting tokusatsu fan should visit. Where else can you eat among such cool SFX memorabilia in Japan?

Sure, the prices are higher than comparable restaurants, and the portions are smaller (even for Japan!), but in a place like this, the food's not the point. What can you do there? Well, let's see...

You can meet Kamen Rider himself!

After finishing your meal, you can maniacally cackle as you plot to take over the world.

You can have Kamen Rider help you choose the best drink!

Kaiju fans, be sure to add this great place to your Tokyo travels. Even if henshin heroes aren't your cup of tea, you'll love the ambiance.

The diner's official Web site can be found here. Check it out!

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