Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Remembering Conrad Brooks

Word is beginning to circulate that cult movie actor Conrad Brooks (Glen Or Glenda?, Plan 9 from Outer Space) has passed away. Few details are available, but those who knew Conrad are aware that his health took a sharp decline in the last year, from which he never recovered.

I first met Conrad in March 1996 in San Diego when he was the guest at an all-day sci-fi movie screening. Around 2007, I was able to reconnect with Conrad via his official website, and from then on, we regularly spoke on the phone. Conrad was one of the most positive people I'd ever known, and our phone conversations were always a lot of fun. Even after moving to Japan, I always made sure to give Conrad a ring on a routine basis.

I last spoke to Conrad a few weeks ago. His daughter Connie was very helpful in arranging the conversation. Due to his severe health issues, Conrad couldn't say much, but I appreciated having the chance to speak with him again after such a long time. It was to be the last time we'd ever speak.

Conrad was the real deal -- a true friend who genuinely cared about the people in his life. I remember when news of the tsunami broke right before I moved to Japan, Conrad called me up and wanted to know how the disaster might affect my plans. He wasn't sure I should go, but I assured him I would be fine.

That's the kind of guy he was, and that's the person I will miss.

Rest in peace, Conrad.


  1. Thank you Brett for writing a touching article and remembering my dad. He would not want us to be sad of his passing but he would want us as family and friends to remember him just for who he was and he was genuinely concerned or would worry about friends he would become close to over the years if he heard or knew of bad news or anything that might cause concern he would get on the phone and make calls to reach out to see if there was anything he could do or at the very least offer some helpful advice. Thanks for taking time out to remember him for his best and to share with all who knew him....

    1. Thank you so much for your message, Connie. It's great to hear from you, as always. I appreciate your help in reconnecting me with your father toward the end. He was a great friend and one I'll always miss. Thank you again very much.