Tuesday, October 17, 2017

THREE YEARS (AND COUNTING)! Taking in Shinichi Yanagisawa's Live Jazz Show in Asakusa!

Shinichi Yanagisawa. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Earlier this evening, I returned to the HUB in Asakusa to catch Shinichi Yanagisawa's latest jazz show with his All-Stars. What was particularly special about tonight's performance is that it marked three years of coming to the HUB to see Yanagisawa-san's shows.

My first visit to the HUB was in October 2014. The previous month, I'd interviewed Yanagisawa-san about his career. I haven't missed a show since my first visit. I've enjoyed myself immensely every time I've gone there.

I hope I don't need to remind anyone by this point, but Yanagisawa-san played Miyamoto in The X from Outer Space (1967). His "plastic water" line (in the AIP-TV release) is still among my favorites in the entire genre.

Many thanks for the last three years, Yanagisawa-san!

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