Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SHINICHI YANAGISAWA RETURNS TO THE STAGE! Tokyo's Coolest Jazz Singer Gives It His All!

Actor/jazz singer Shinichi Yanagisawa sings familiar jazz songs to an appreciative Tokyo audience. Photo by Brett Homenick.

As I usually do every other month, I paid another visit to the HUB in Asakusa on June 16 to see actor/singer Shinichi Yanagisawa in concert. He and his jazz band (the All-Stars) always perform at the HUB on a Tuesday every other month.

Although Yanagisawa-san acted in films from every major studio in Japan, he is most associated with Shochiku Studios, for which he played Miyamoto in The X from Outer Space (1967).

Yours truly between Shinichi Yanagisawa (right) and saxophonist Kyoichi Watanabe.

Between sets, saxophonist Kyoichi Watanabe approached me in the audience, and we spoke about a variety of topics. During this time, Yanagisawa-san would greet various members of the audience. This night, I was able to speak with Yanagisawa-san a couple of times. It was great to see him in such great spirits, as always!

I'm looking forward to the next live performance at the HUB. Even though it's quite far from where I live in Tokyo, it is always well worth seeing.

Thank you again, All-Stars!

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