Sunday, January 25, 2015

DINING IN TOKYO, KUROSAWA-STYLE! The Great Japanese Filmmaker Brings You Great Japanese Food!

The exterior of the restaurant Kurosawa in Nagatacho, Tokyo. Yes, Kurosawa is an official restaurant for the Japanese auteur. Photo by Brett Homenick.

On Saturday, January 24, I paid a visit to the restaurant Kurosawa in Nagatacho, Tokyo. According to the restaurant's publicity material, there are four restaurants in the Tokyo area, and each of them offers its patrons something different.

 I chose the Nagatcho location due to its close proximity to my job, and also because it's famous for its shabu-shabu. Just as the publicity material states, the restaurant's look and feel is straight out of the Edo Period, and I'm sure Kurosawa would have been happy to use the restaurants in one of his films.

Bear in mind that while there is Kurosawa memorabilia inside the restaurant, this isn't a theme restaurant like those in the West. It's more about recreating an accurate old-style ambiance than in promoting the career of the famed director.


I'd highly recommend Kurosawa to any fan of Japanese movies or anyone who is interested in Japanese culture or food. While the food can be a little expensive, you are not likely to find a more authentic traditional Japanese restaurant. After all, it's Kurosawa!

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