Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A VERY YANAGISAWA CHRISTMAS! Japan's Jazz Singer Performs Christmas Songs Live!

Yours truly poses with actor-singer Shinichi Yanagisawa in Asakusa, Tokyo.

I just returned home from another live performance by the Shinichi Yanagisawa All-Stars at the HUB in Asakusa, Tokyo. Since Christmas is quickly approaching, an entire set was devoted to famous Christmas songs, including "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and several others. Naturally, these songs were done in a jazzy style that was very enjoyable.

The Shinichi Yanagisawa All-Stars perform Christmas music in front of an appreciative audience. Note Yanagisawa-san on the drums. 

In between sets, I was visited by Yanagisawa-san, who signed my Blu-ray sleeve of The X from Outer Space (1967), in which he plays Miyamoto. Yanagisawa-san's signature joins that of co-star Itoko Harada, whom I met last week.

Yanagisawa-san perfectly signs English-language Christmas songs for the packed crowd.

The music certainly put me in the mood for Christmas, as did Yanagisawa-san's kindness. I presented him with a Christmas card during the evening, which he was happy to receive. Being a fan of Yanagisawa-san's acting has led to my becoming a fan of his singing, and I eagerly anticipate seeing his next live performance in Asakusa!

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