Sunday, August 24, 2014

MICKEY IS THE MAN! Actor-Singer Mickey Curtis Visits Daikanyama!

Mickey Curtis holds up his copy of G-FAN #104 magazine with his career interview inside. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Earlier this evening I had a chance to visit actor-singer Mickey Curtis at a party being held in Daikanyama, Tokyo. It had been about a year since we last saw each other, so it was enjoyable to catch up with him again, particularly about a recent NHK program he filmed with Kumi Mizuno and Yoshio Tsuchiya in Hiroshima.

I also finally had an opportunity to present Mickey with a couple of copies of the interview we did a while back, which appear in G-FAN #104. He thumbed through the magazine several times and was fascinated by its contents.

Yours truly and Mickey Curtis pose with some substantial reading material.

Mickey just completed work on four different movies, as well as additional TV work. More acting roles are on the way, so he is always busy. And none of this takes into account his musical performances! It's amazing Mickey can find the time to do anything these days!

Mickey Curtis has appeared in numerous Japanese films, such as: Outlaw Outpost (1959), Fires on the Plain (1959), Big Shots Die at Dawn (1961), Gunhed (1989), Kamikaze Taxi (1995), and Robo-G (2012). If you haven't read his interview yet, go to and get your copy today!

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