Friday, July 4, 2014

STOPPING BY OFUNA KANNONJI TEMPLE! This Impressive Location Is Worth Seeing!

When I've visited Kamakura and other nearby locations in the past, a giant statue overlooking Ofuna has always caught my eye, but I never had the time to venture out and find out more about it ... until today. After an appointment in Kamakura, I finally decided to get a closer look.

Ofuna Kannonji Temple is easily accessible from Ofuna Station. It's located atop a steep hill, but for those of us who have visited the big Godzilla slide in Kurihama, this hike is a piece of cake!

The statue is quite beautiful, and it is particularly striking to see in person. Photos do not do it justice. The only way to experience it is by getting a closeup look.

It's always important to think about peace, especially in these times. Ofuna Kannonji Temple serves as a helpful reminder. For more information, follow this link.

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