Sunday, July 28, 2013

TOKYO ROUND-UP: A Look Back in Pictures, July 2013

Having lunch with actress Shelley Sweeney, July 21. Getting the chance to hang out with Shelley again was another highlight.

The arrival of summer vacation means I get lots of free time. And what better way to spend that free time than go to Tokyo for another trip?

I enjoyed taking in a morning screening of an old Yumi Shirakawa Toho film, in which she co-stars with Tadao Takashima.

I spent an enjoyable afternoon with actor and musician Mickey Curtis, just before his birthday. Mr. Curtis has many amazing stories to tell!

Meeting Ultraman Gaia himself, Takeshi Yoshioka, was another surprise. My friend Masahiro-san took me to the bar owned by Mr. Yoshioka, who was very happy to chat and pose for pictures.

Talkin' Toho with Yoshimitsu Banno. Seeing Banno-san in Tokyo is nearly a sure bet every time I go. Another gentleman who is happy to share his memories.

I got to meet Keiko Nishi for the second time. Ms. Nishi is an Ultraman Ace cast member who is as sweet and warm as a person can get. It's always a joy to meet her.

Screenwriters Hiroshi Kashiwabara and Wataru Mimura were another highlight. I've gotten to know Mimura-san quite well, but this was only my second meeting with Kashiwabara-san. As expected, much fun was had by all!

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