Monday, October 11, 2010

RIP Ryo Ikebe

Actor Ryo Ikebe in a recent photo. Source:

The world of Japanese cinema has suffered another blow by the loss of Ryo Ikebe on October 8, 2010, of sepsis. He was 92.

Ikebe, born on February 11, 1918, began his acting career in 1941. His career was quickly interrupted by the Second World War, so Ikebe didn't become a Toho contract player until 1946. He remained active until his recent passing, with more than 150 roles to his credit. When Ikebe wasn't performing onscreen, he served as the director of the Japanese equivalent of the Screen Actors Guild (from 1983-2009).

G-fans will remember Ikebe from his starring roles in Battle in Outer Space (1959), Gorath (1962), and The War in Space (1977). Ikebe also enjoyed a small role in Paul Schrader's Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985). In recent years, Ikebe turned his attention to writing, becoming an award-winning essayist and book author.

Thank you for the memories, Mr. Ikebe.

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  1. Although I have only seen two of Mr. Ikebe's films, "Battle in Outer Space" and "Gorath", it was obvious to me that he was a very talented actor. He was so very believable. His passing is a great loss.