Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dr. Ruehl: Man of Mystery

That's a wrap! Dr. Franklin Ruehl and Brett shake hands after completing their interview. Photo courtesy of Dr. Ruehl.

Dr. Franklin Ruehl is a man of many talents, but I've always known him as the host of the late, lamented Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion, one of the Sci-Fi Channel's original programs. (This, of course, was well before the era of "SyFy.")

While Dr. Ruehl's Mysteries has been off the national airwaves for several years, fans can follow the good doctor on his YouTube channel. With a little luck, perhaps Dr. Ruehl can entice a cable channel to put him back on the air. (It would sure beat watching whatever the heck the Jersey Shore is up to this week.)

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Ruehl on October 8. He agreed to sit down for an interview, which is presented below.

Here's a gag longtime Mysteries fans would get:

May the power of the cosmos be with you!


  1. Before this interview (which I first learned about from your Facebook page) Brett, I sadly, had never heard of Dr. Ruehl and his old Sci Fi show Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion. But now that deficiency in my life is being corrected. Thanks man! Ruehl rocks!

  2. I'm always happy to spread the gospel of Dr. Ruehl, as his show is a lot of fun, and Dr. Ruehl is quite a character. It didn't even occur to me that Dr. Ruehl might gain a few new viewers, but I'm very pleased he's already got another! May the power of the cosmos be with you!