Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The inspiration for this blog's name

Finally, the video containing the inspiration for this blog's unusual name makes it back to YouTube!

As a longtime Siskel & Ebert fan, I love watching old S&E videos on the Internet. One of my favorite clips was their review of the 1987 children's film Benji the Hunted. This particular review is famous (infamous?) for the fact that Ebert recommends the Benji film when he, earlier in the program, panned Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.

In discussing other strange movie titles, Siskel mentions one of his favorites. That was all the inspiration I needed.


  1. Ahh, now we know the back-story to this marvelous blog's unique name!
    Thanks Brett.
    And me too, I always love the old S&E shows (started watching them way back in '78 when they were still on PBS). Great clip re: Benji the Hunted.

  2. I always loved S&E. I was disappointed to hear that At the Movies is going to be canceled soon. Even though Siskel and Ebert haven't been a part of the show for years, it's still a valuable program. Too bad. Thanks again for the extremely positive comments, Jay. To say I appreciate your support would be the understatement of the year!

  3. Thanks for the back-story, Brett. For some reason, I usually found myself agreeing with Ebert (?!?) Except for his dismissive review of Godzilla 54, of course.

  4. I usually agreed with Siskel more, but neither of them was a friend to the kaiju genre.