Wednesday, September 23, 2009

G-FAN #89

The newest issue of G-FAN is back from the printers, and it's just beginning its trek to your mailbox. As you'll see below, it's jam-packed with features, enough to put the reader in a "Neci-Coma"!

Daisuke Ishizuka reports on a giant Gundam display in Odaiba.

Daisuke Ishizuka strikes again with a report on Koichi Kawakita's latest movie that'll have you shouting, "Zoids!"

Kenju Shimomura takes a break from teaching at Oxford University to offer G-FAN readers an in-depth look at the influence Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind had on Japanese cinema.

Doug Finkelstein reports on the Bermuda Depths DVD offered through the Warner Bros. Archive Collection.

Brett Homenick interviews Kazuaki Kiriya, director of Casshern (2004).

Mike Bogue takes a look back at The Cosmic Monsters.

Brett Homenick and totorom interview Toho star Hiroshi Koizumi.

Allen Debus offers a unique take on TriStar's Godzilla (1998).

Lyle Huckins reviews Big Man Japan.

Brett Homenick and totorom interview Goro Mutsumi.

Brett Homenick interviews Godzilla vs. Megalon's Ulf (a.k.a. "Wolf") Otsuki.

Mike Bogue covers The Black Scorpion. (Who let this critter out of its bottle? And where are the other eight?)

Evan Brehany interviews Dana Foreman about his history in Godzilla fandom.

Brett Homenick interviews Peggy Lee Brennan (who played Meia in Message from Space).

Lyle Huckins, Mike Bogue, Mark Matzke, and Stephen Mark Rainey offer their respective reviews of Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit.

Johnny Astchak puts forward a comprehensive report of Godzilla's appearances in magazines and fanzines throughout the decades.

Mark Matzke reviews two recent Ultraman movies.

Mark Matzke follows his Ultraman reviews with a Cloverfield-esque (and fictional) Twitter report of a monster attack.

Jeff Rebner presents his renderings of Gamera's Showa-era foes.

J.D. Lees offers a short report on Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, with information courtesy of director John Fasano. The report includes a photo Fasano took of the Stan Winston Godzilla maquette as it appeared at the auction house.

No G-FEST report this time, but there are several pages with lots of photos from the event.

Mike Bogue reviews The Magic Serpent.

Steve Agin turns in his quarterly toy report.

As an aside, the G-Mail section is probably the longest it's been in a while. In fact, the great Greg Shoemaker is one of the featured letter-writers.

There are even a few odds and ends I left out, so there's even more than I mentioned here. Don't miss out; pick up your copy today!


  1. Hi Brett--

    Pardon me, but my head is spinning a little...these were my first submissions to G-FAN and I never expected to have them all included...I'm grateful and pretty excited about it! Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Congratulations on getting published! After reading your articles, I can see why J.D. chose to publish them: they're extremely well-written!

    I look forward to seeing more of your work in future issues, so I hope you have more ideas in mind!

  3. Can't wait. G-FAN is still one of life's not-so-little pleasures. ;)

  4. I enjoyed your article, Mark. I hope we can look forward to another in the next issue!

  5. "Evan Brehany interviews Dana Foreman about his history in Godzilla fandom."

    There is a God.