Thursday, June 21, 2018

My Peter Fernandez Interview Now Available at Vantage Point Interviews

Voice actor Peter Fernandez. Photo courtesy of Peter Fernandez.

I've been quite busy updating Vantage Point Interviews in the last couple of weeks. Lots of great interviews have been added, so by all means check them out!

Of particular interest is the latest interview I've posted, which was with voice actor Peter Fernandez. I hadn't read the interview in years, but upon re-reading it, I was amazed by one of his stories in particular, given its relevance in light of recent news.

In the interview, Peter recounts an unpleasant run-in he'd had with producer Harvey Weinstein. The interview was recorded in 2006, years before the shocking accusations against Weinstein became public. Given the recent context, Peter's story fits an unfortunate pattern of behavior.

I'd completely forgotten about Peter's anecdote until I re-read the interview before publishing it on VPI. So what did Peter say? Read the interview to find out!

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