Saturday, June 3, 2017

NARA PARK! Feeding Wild Deer Some Delicious Shika Sembei!

 Signage in Nara Park warns visitors of the potential dangers of interacting with the wild deer. Photo by Brett Homenick.

During my trip to Kansai, I made a brief visit to Nara, which is accessible from Kyoto on the JR Nara Line. One of my goals was to visit Nara Park where wild sika deer roam freely and can be fed shika sembei (deer crackers) that can be purchased by visitors at the park. While some deer are well behaved and perform a bow to show their desire for a cracker, others are not so calm. It's not uncommon for deer to tug at your shirt or to try to snatch the crackers from your hand. Remember, these are wild animals. Treat them as such. 

Here are my photos from my wild sika deer encounter. Enjoy!

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