Sunday, April 23, 2017

MORE SUPER FESTIVAL 74 SHOTS! Toys Galore and More!

Sanda and Gaila -- even uglier than you remember!

Some Ultra-masks on display.

Gamera crawled a long way to make it to Super Festival on time.

Godzilla battles Hedorah again, a good 46 years later!

Takeshi Sasaki strikes a Kamen Rider pose.

Eiichi Kikuchi and yours truly strike an Ultra-pose of our own!

Ultraman Powered looks pleased at his recent Blu-ray release in Japan.

Congratulating Ultraman Powered on a job well done.

Hey, who let the Fink (or should that be "Knif"?) into the show?

Well, I guess it's no longer a "secret"!

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