Monday, September 12, 2016

ULTRAMAN GAIA IN TOKYO! Seeing Two Cast Members in the Big City!

Taking a selfie with Ultraman Gaia star Takeshi Yoshioka. Photo by Brett Homenick. 

On Saturday, I went to the bar owned and operated by actor Takeshi Yoshioka, Ultraman Gaia's alter ego from Tsuburaya Productions' Ultraman Gaia (1998-99). Although the place was crowded due to some live musical performances that were taking place, I still managed to have a nice chat with Yoshioka-san.

Ultraman Gaia actress Maria Theresa Gow performs live. Photo by Brett Homenick.

On Friday evening, I attended a live performance in Ginza by Maria Theresa Gow, who sang a variety of songs (jazz, pop, you name it) and entertained the packed audience. Gow-san played Georgie Leland in Ultraman Gaia. Likewise, I enjoyed chatting with her for a bit.

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