Tuesday, June 14, 2016

AN AFTERNOON WITH TATSUYOSHI EHARA! Spending Quality Time with a Great Toho Actor!

Toho actor Tatsuyoshi Ehara poses for the paparazzi. Photo by Brett Homenick.

Today I was fortunate to meet with Toho actor Tatsuyoshi Ehara for a couple of hours. We discussed his career as well as his current activities. I hadn't seen Ehara-san since January of last year, so the get-together was long overdue. 

Ehara-san guest-starred in episode 1 of Ultra Q (1966), but his wide-ranging acting career had very little to do with monsters. His career started as a child actor at Shochiku Studios during the 1940s, but by the 1950s, he had made the transition to Toho. At Toho, he would appear in several war films, numerous Young Guy flicks, and even a couple of Akira Kurosawa films, namely Sanjuro (1962) and Red Beard (1965).

Ehara-san speaks a little English, and he actually lived in Brentwood in the late 1970s. He told me that the first English phrase he ever learned was, "Give me chocolate," which was a phrase many children learned in postwar Japan that came in handy when they approached American soldiers.

The first part of my interview with Tatsuyoshi Ehara can be read at Vantage Point Interviews. If you enjoy Japanese films, you'll find it fascinating. Check it out!

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