Friday, May 27, 2016

SHUNICHI OKITA IS BACK! The Ultraman Ace Hero Keeps an Eye on Tokyo!

Yours truly with actor Shunichi Okita at his restaurant-bar in Tokyo.

As I hinted at in my previous blog post, there was more to come today! I stopped by actor Shunichi Okita's restaurant-bar in Tokyo and spent some time there. Okita-san played TAC member Ichiro Yamanaka in Ultraman Ace (1972-73), but he was also a Nikkatsu actor prior to that, having appeared in the critically celebrated film Tokyo Drifter (1966), among others. He went on to act in movies produced by Toho, such as Red Lion (1969) and Battle of Okinawa (1971).

It was wonderful to spend some time again with Okita-san, as I hadn't seen him all year. Hopefully, my next visit won't take so long. What a day it was!

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