Monday, April 11, 2016

KEI SHINDACHIYA IS IN 7'S HEAVEN! Meeting the Super Sentai Star at His Bar!

Actor Kei Shindachiya, sporting a cool Robot Detective T-shirt, gives a thumbs-up to Fiveman! Photo by Brett Homenick.

Tonight I made my first visit to 7's Bar, a facility owned and operated by Chikyu Sentai Fiveman (1990-91) star Kei Shindachiya, who played FiveBlue on the show. Later on in the '90s, Shindachiya-san made guest appearances on Choriki Sentai Ohranger (1995-96) and Ultraman Gaia (1998-99).

Shindachiya-san speaks some English, and together we talked about a wide range of topics. First, we discussed Super Sentai and his career, but later we shot the breeze about random movies, like Batman vs. Superman and the Ghostbusters reboot due in the summer.

Shindachiya-san was very friendly, and while I'm not very familiar with Super Sentai, this meeting gave me the motivation to dive right in! Thank you very much, Shindachiya-san!

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