Sunday, November 15, 2015

OUT AND ABOUT IN ODAIBA! Visiting the Famous Fuji TV Building!

Today I visited Odaiba for the first time in a while. The main reason was to celebrate a friend's birthday. Afterward, we took a tour of the Fuji TV Building. Although I've seen it from the outside many times, this would be my first time to go inside and look around.

Before entering, I snapped some photos of the replica Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge. These sights are always worth checking out!

While approaching the Fuji TV Building, I took this photo. It looked a bit like a futuristic city to me (especially a 1960s interpretation of the future), which I found captivating.

The view from the Fuji TV Building's observation deck was breathtaking. It's certainly no Tokyo Skytree, but the view of the Rainbow Bridge is stunning.

Tokyo Tower looms over the Rainbow Bridge. Only in Odaiba can you see such sights!

Ultra-kaiju were well represented at the Fuji TV Building!

This photo was snapped on the set of a TV program that airs on Fuji TV. I should've auditioned!

Wait, did I get the part anyway? No, that's just me behind a cardboard cutout, but it sure looks convincing, doesn't it?

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